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Evangelism and Church Growth

The mission of the church is to be the presence of Christ in our community. We must reflect the character of Christ in our community so as to represent the Kingdom of God.   Our mission is to bring the peace of Christ into this world through three dimensions of Faith, Love, and Hope.  Our faith is represented in our desire to bring those who have lost their spiritual path to be reconciled with God.  Our show of love is required to meet the social pains that people suffer every day and are in need of love and compassion.  Our good news of Hope is when the kingdom of God breaks in to the broken systems of this world and redeems the lost by empowering the powerless and giving them hope and new life.

Area of Impact

Jesus Film teams are local leaders who have a passion to evangelize the communities in their countries.  Using modern equipment that can show the Jesus Film off of a battery pack in most of the major local languages of their country, teams enter new areas searching for a person of peace that will allow them to share their faith through film.  Showing Jesus speaking their own language to people of every ethnic group and background, is a powerful evangelism tool that allows new churches to be planted both in rural areas as well as the suburbs of major cities.

These dedicated teams reach out every month bringing the glad good news of Jesus Christ, the hope and light of the world, to the lost and hurting communities all across Africa.  Pray for these teams!

Intentional discipleship was the pattern that Jesus taught us with his own disciples.  When new Christians come to faith, they must be nurtured and strengthened so that they will grow through their journey of grace.  In most communities in Africa we find that people learn truths and values through story.  This is why we are raising up orality champions that can teach the basics of our faith through the amazing stories found in the Word of God.  As new believers learn more stories about Jesus and the stories of the people of God throughout the Bible, they are strengthened in their walk and continue to be transformed into Christ likeness.

That is why our mission is to make Christ-like disciples in all the nations of Africa and the best methods is through oral discipleship!

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