Welcome to the Africa Region!

Greetings in the Powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is a blessed privilege for my family and I to serve the Lord in the great continent of Africa.


A glimpse of the church in Africa

We are a Protestant Christian Church, who found its roots in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition founded in 1908.  Home to more that 2.5 million members globally, who worship in over 30 000 local congregations in 164 world areas.

The Africa Region church of the Nazarene is one of six regions in the church of the Nazarene global denomination. Africa is the second largest continent in the world and is home to over 30% of the Global Church of the Nazarene membership.

With its great diversity and rich culture the church continues to thrive today as it is reported that as of 2020 we have 4678 organised churches in 144 districts across 44 countries on the continent.

We are one together and as members of the Family of God we hope to have you be a part of it too.


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