Lake Victoria District Organizes Bright Day Church of the Nazarene

The Holy Week was one of the busiest weeks in the Lake Victoria district. The District Superintendent (DS), Rev. Fredrick Amolo, took the Field Strategy Coordinator (FSC), Dr. Musa Kunene, on a tour of the district visiting its eight zones. In each zone, the FSC, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Prudence Kunene, was met by pastors, local leaders, and other members. The purpose was for the people to meet their new leaders and the FSC to bring a message of encouragement to the pastors and local leaders. This aligns with the Africa East Field (AEF) theme – “Together for the local church,” placing the local church as the epicenter of their mission.

The DS has translated this theme as “Mission Mashinani,” emphasizing the ‘local church.’ The Swahili word “mashinani” means ‘the grassroots.’ In each zone, the leaders had two hours celebration where the FSC thanked the people for choosing the Church of the Nazarene and urged them to be strong Nazarenes, filled with the Spirit, and serving God and the church with their Spiritual gifts.

The week was full of highlights, including baptisms, reception of new members, organizing of churches, and dedication of church buildings. The unique encounter at Bright Day Church of the Nazarene (CotN) is worth detailing here. This was a three-in-one occasion. Bright Day is in the Rongo area of the Lake Victoria District and started as a preaching point in a member’s home, Mr. George Caleb Oguta. The church had proliferated that George’s house became too small in one year. When he saw the rapid growth, he bought a piece of land and started building a hall, which he said would be used by the community for gatherings. When the hall was complete, he moved the church services there. When the local church was officially organized and the building dedicated, George told the pastor, Rev. Joshua Ongoro, that the hall was a surprise gift to the church. Bright Day CotN was officially organized on Easter Sunday with 200 new members. They are a strong and vibrant local church, preaching the message of holiness in Rongo.

Mr. George Oguta was not attending the dedication service due to other family commitments. However, his wife, who is the church secretary, was present. When the leaders met George on Easter Monday to express gratitude, he responded, “My calling is not to preach or pastor a church but to be generous. What I have done is what God has called me to do.” George built the church hall in honor of his father, who had brought the Church of the Nazarene to the area.