On the 23rd of July, Rev. Nzola Longa Dieumerci travelled to Yaounde, Cameroon, for a week where he led the Jesus Film, Light Stream, and Orality training with 25 participants from different areas of Cameroon. During the day, the Orality Training was done and each evening there was hands-on Jesus Film showings and Light Stream training taking place with the participants who learned, on the job, how to be the technical crew that facilitates these ministry tools.

Participants and leaders were equipped with a new way of evangelising and doing discipleship. There was an emphasis placed on what happens after the Jesus Film showings. The technique of orality, long a tradition in Africa, places an emphasis on biblical stories with a cultural background and biblical world view. Participants were tasked with choosing a story and sharing it in the best way—whether through drama or simple storytelling. They were also taught how to facilitate question-asking and then answering those questions.

During the training, each area representative from Cameroon was able to draw-up a three-month plan on how they are going to share these biblical stories and make disciples in their communities. A Light Stream Wi-Fi box was left with each representative so that they are able to use them in their area. Many leaders throughout Africa have found these boxes, loaded with the Jesus Film in many languages, discipleship training and other discipleship tools to be invaluable to the African population where cell phone use is prevalent.

It was a privilege to have Rev Mario Martinez, Field Strategy Coordinator, and missionary Rev Jaques Balibanga be a part of this training.

Please be in prayer for the new work in Cameroon that is also seeing rapid growth in the Church of the Nazarene.