Africa Region Education and Clergy Development recently announced the appointment of Rev Antero D. Fontes as the new ITN/NTI Director.

“We are pleased to announce Rev. Antero, D. Fontes as the ITN/NTI Director.”

The ITN/NTI serves Africa West Field and the Central Field, with an enrolment of over one thousand four hundred Christian Leaders being equipped for all facets of ministry in sixteen countries. Up until 2019, Rev. Fontes worked with Rev. Jacques Balibanga to co-direct the work of the ITN/NTI. Rev. Balibanga (a missionary) now serves in the Cameroon.

“We are grateful for his service to establish the work of ITN/NTI as it stands. We pray God’s best for the work there.”

Dr. Gabriel Benjiman (Africa Region Education and Clergy Development Coordinator)

“We consider Rev. Antero Fontes a very capable and enthusiastic leader and he together with his family and the educational team will certainly deliver highly on the expectations for clergy and Christian leader development,” Dr. Benjiman. Baptized in November 1988 , Rev. Fontes has come a long way, serving the Kingdom through the Church of the Nazarene in different ministry areas. Having been a youth leader, worship leader, educator, college teacher, full-time pastor and finally a bi-vocational pastor, Rev. Fontes looks forward to guiding the educational needs of the West Fields through the assignment he now assumes.

Little known facts about Rev. Fontes, is that he is one of a few African scholars who has undertaken his clergy education at different levels in different languages. He studied for his diploma, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Portuguese, French and English. He is also a very keen administrator and educator.

Rev. Fontes recently accomplished his Masters Degree in Christian Studies with the Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson MSS:USA. We congratulate him and his beautiful family (wife: Rita, and daughters: Hadassa, Sarah, and Raquel).

We thank God for the Fontes family in all their dedication and devotion to Christ and His work on earth. We welcome Rev. Antero, D. Fontes to the great work of developing leaders in Africa for the world.