Central Field

Field Strategic Coordinator – Rev. Gavin Fothergill

The Central Field is comprised mainly of francophone countries, where the people are surrounded by great difficulties – such as war, poverty and political unrest – but are filled with hope and even greater potential.  In comparison to other fields in Africa, the field is fairly young and is characterized by first-generation leadership. That is, most Nazarene churches in the Central Field have only been led by one pastor since they were established.

The field is working towards enabling upward mobility through applying the Gospel to the full scope of people’s lives. Central Field is using evangelism, compassionate ministries, and education as a way to raise up the next generation of leaders. Our goal is to have a thriving church with the means to supports its ministries and continue to bring the gospel to unreached areas across our entire field.

The field wishes to see locals taking initiatives to fulfill the calls that God has given them to serve, and believes that this will involve churches planting churches and leaders training leaders. The Church in the Central Field has seen rapid growth through the use of Jesus Film for evangelism. The field facilitates: leadership development through training of pastors and church members for service within their church; the mobilization of young adults; and community engagement through compassionate ministries focused on education and agricultural projects that provide food and means.

Central Field is working towards establishing a unified vision and timeline for reaching collective goals by the end of 2017. This way, the field will be able to work together across districts for the good of the Kingdom. In the beginning of 2018, we will be focusing on making each church a training ground for teaching local leaders from a common material.

Most of Central Field’s work is in urban areas as the interior parts of the field are difficult to reach because of dangers in travel. We are working on moving from the cities into rural areas, while not forgetting the base of our ministry in the urban areas.

The Central Field is committed to contributing to the creation and development of a new generation of African leaders coming from the DRC and the field at large.

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