Church in Mozambique Displays Creativity and Reinvention in the wake of Covid

By Iuri Barbosa

Since the beginning, the church has always had to adapt itself throughout time. When COVID-19 began, churches around the world were forced to close their doors and left to wonder what would happen to the church and its members. However, God in His wonderful Grace equipped us with many tools and wisdom to find innovative ways to share the Gospel.

The Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique felt the need to keep sharing the Gospel no matter what, so they created a TV Show called “A Hora Nazarena” (The Nazarene Hour) which played on the country’s National TV station. For a year, every Wednesday and Sunday, the people of Mozambique were blessed with a one-hour tv show where pastors preached the message of salvation and trusting the Lord.

In 2021, when safety rules became more flexible, the churches started to reopen but the leaders of the church felt the need to continue with the show. So, they migrated to the internet. In an improvised studio at the Nazarene High School, with only two cameras, they began recording the show and releasing it every week on their YouTube channel. Pastors from all the districts in Mozambique and from other African countries are invited to preach the Gospel or to be interviewed about specific subjects related to the Church of the Nazarene’s doctrine. Additionally, the show always features musicians who bless the viewers from all over Africa with their great music and spirit.

The dream now is to have a real studio with better equipment to improve video quality and to make live shows with the goal of interacting with the channel’s subscribers. The first video has almost 450 views and the channel now has approximately 500 subscribers.  The comment section is filled with people praising the Lord for this initiative and thanking the Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique for blessing its people with weekly services through the YouTube channel.  Once again, we can see that God gives us opportunities to reinvent ourselves and the ability to continue His task on earth. You can access the YouTube channel at the following link.