Africa NDI Regional Team meets in South Africa. 

The Church of the Nazarene being a missional church means making disciples within nations across the globe. With the COVID-19 restrictions, the Church has experienced a change that has directly affected church activities. Meetings were held online, and travels were banned. However, with restrictions and travel bans lifted, after three years, this was an excellent opportunity for the NDI Regional Team to meet physically from 2- 4 March 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rev. Solomon Ndlovu was the speaker for the three days, and the main focus was on Isaiah 54:1-4, the regional focus. The team was challenged to see how each could contribute to the enlargement and growth of the Church and NDI and their responsibility as disciples of Christ. 

They used this time to strategize, discuss and pray. To celebrate the accomplishments and acknowledge the challenges the ministry faces. Amongst the many agenda items, the Discipleship framework and NDI Handbook for Africa were prioritized. 

The three-day event concluded with a prayer session.