Zimbabwe National Gathering


On the 7th of January 2024, the three districts of the Church of the Nazarene in Zimbabwe came together for one big Sunday service. Dr Dany Gomis, Africa Regional Director, visited Zimbabwe for meetings with the leadership, and this visit facilitated the opportunity for the church in Zimbabwe to corporately fellowship together and to listen to the Word of God.  The three districts, namely Zimbabwe East, led by Rev Hofisi Mutatu, Zimbabwe Midlands, led by Rev Margareth Sibanda and Zimbabwe West led by Rev Mafohla, managed to gather almost 1500 Nazarenes from all over the country. Fellow Zimbabwean, Rev Shaun Bati, Africa Region NYI Coordinator, was also a part of this event, and the people of Zimbabwe were very pleased to fellowship him.

Dr Gomis preached from Mathew 9:36, which speaks about Jesus seeing the multitudes of people and having compassion on them because they were distressed and were like sheep without a shepherd. He encouraged the church to open its eyes and see the needs of the people in the communities. He emphasised that the real issue is their deep need for a Saviour. Dr Gomis reminded the church in Zimbabwe of what Jesus said: the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.

Many people responded to the call, and the church was refreshed and encouraged to do its mission. Now, not only is the church in Zimbabwe going to expand to new areas, but it has a clear understanding of the need to bring the people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.