–Monica Carr

“Each one Train one” was the slogan that began it all in 2012. The Nazarene Youth Empowerment program in South East Nigeria called for volunteer trainers from the church in various trades including: tailoring, carpentry, motorcycle mechanics, brick laying, computers, patent medicine, hair dressing/barbering, refrigeration and air conditioning repair. Forty-eight volunteer trainers responded to the call and applications were dispersed, applicants interviewed, and eventually 20 youth (out of 34 applicants), comprised of orphans and unemployed youth from the most financially disadvantaged families, were chosen. To date, ten of the twenty have completed their training and five have been empowered, provided a workshop, and the tools of their trade. Those trained will in turn train others, continuing the cycle of empowerment and financial independence. According to district superintendant Reverend Okokon Eshiet, in addition to providing jobs and ongoing training, the program seeks to “prepare the youth to live a meaningful Christian life and support the work of evangelism and church planting.”


If you are interested in giving to this ministry you may contact Rev. Okokon Eshiet at reveshiet2005@gmail.com