Living Water Falls Church of the Nazarene, a small mission type church, in Harare Zimbabwe held their 3rd Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS is a program for children that teaches them the word of God in a fun way during their school holidays. The program usually lasts for a week and on the final Sunday the children make a presentation in song and testimony in front of the rest of the church. This VBS Sunday service is a wonderful way to reach parents who may not be regular church attendees.

Since the church started 6 years ago it has experienced some difficulties. It had to close its in-person services because of the country’s covid restrictions. During that time, the church used online livestreaming services. The 2022 VBS was their first in person services with 21 children between the ages of 2-12 in attendance. The theme of the VBS program was “Heroes of Faith” and it was fully coordinated by the Sunday School Director Ms Maria Zulu.

The VBS week program included lessons on salvation and baptism. All the children that participated in the program made the decision to be baptized with the consent of their parents. Some of the helpers at the VBS also made the decision to get baptized and a total of 24 people were baptized on VBS Sunday.

Living Water Falls Church of the Nazarene continues to emphasize the importance of including children in the sacraments and bringing them up in the faith from a young age.