By Vidal Cole–

The news of the provision of rice for the Nazarene churches in the Sierra Leone district was greeted with great joy and delight by the section leaders and the pastors. As a result of the Ebola outbreak; many people lost their jobs and their source of income making it difficult to provide food for themselves and their families. Rice is the staple food in Sierra Leone; however, because of its rising cost the majority of the people are struggling to provide it for their families. The news that a bag of rice was to be shared in every church brought with it much celebration. The distribution went well and all the intended beneficiaries received rice. A total of 68 churches and church plants spread across five sections in the Sierra Leone District received rice: including four in Freetown, Lumely, Waterloo, Kissy and Central, as well as one in the eastern part of the country, Segbwema.

Many, like Pastor Steven Kanu of Waterloo, shared their thanks:

I am very happy for this rice. So many people have died in my section area (Waterloo). Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether they died of Ebola or hunger. The truth, however, is that we are not just fighting Ebola–we are also fighting hunger. This rice calls for much celebration because it came at the right time when our people are desperate for food but cannot afford it . . .

Pastor David Manna from Kissy shared:

I thank God and NCM for this rice. After I informed the pastors in my section about this rice . . . they told me that in some of their churches the people, upon hearing the news, began to sing and dance. They expressed that the Church of the Nazarene has done good things for them . . .

From Segbwema, Pastor Emmanuel Jusu Francis gives this praise:

As a section we are very grateful to God for the rice. Because we find ourselves in a quarantined area, life has been really difficult for us. Our people have been used to going to the farm and getting food for themselves, but with the present situation nothing has been moving– no farming, no business no income; it has really been tough. This rice has made my people very happy, that the church has remembered them in a crisis like this, and their hearts are filled with joy.

Pastor Marie Kamara says:

Many of our people have been struggling to find food and I know that this rice will bring relief to them. This will help the church know that we are doing our best to help in diverse ways to show them our love and care during this difficult time in the country.

The Church of the Nazarene in Sierra Leone is extremely thankful for this consignment of rice. We appreciate it very much and we are grateful to God and to NCM for making this possible.