Since the 3 days shutdown (Three-day nationwide stay at home campaign initiated by the Government) for this weekend (Friday – Sunday) was confirmed in the news, it’s like a spirit of gloominess and depression descended over our nation, Sierra Leone. As a church we have however chosen a different attitude.

I will therefore like you to inform our brethren in Africa West Field and the church as a whole that the Church of the Nazarene in Sierra Leone has chosen to use the 3 days as a time to seek the Lord through fasting and prayer for Sierra Leone and for every other nation that is affected by the Ebola virus.

Since no services are allowed and no one is permitted to go out of their house on those days (while they check house to house for those who are sick), our strategy is that all of us will be praying in our homes on an hourly chain prayer basis. This will be going on in all of the sections in the country even the provinces. The church of the Nazarene is a praying church, therefore we are not going to sit down and watch the enemy ravage our nation and those close to us, we are going to arise and say NO to the enemy – Enough is Enough!!!!! West Africa must be set free.

We are going to arise and call upon the name of the Lord our God and we believe He will hear from heaven and forgive and heal our land. We are going to lay hold on the faithfulness of God and cry out to Him for deliverance from this plague.

We are asking that our brethren join us in at least 1 hour of prayer each day during those 3 days or however they may feel comfortable to do it.


Suggested Prayer Points are as follows:

  • For courage, wisdom and strength for those who are providing leadership during this time of national crisis.
  • That those working to combat this disease will work in harmony and for God in His sovereignty to wipe out this disease from all affected nations
  • For good stewardship of the resources that are coming into the country’s coffers to deal with this epidemic.
  • For the rapid deployment of medical professionals and erection strategically located treatment centers.
  • For encouragement, courage, strength, safety and endurance for those on the front line tending those who are already infected.
  • For creativity, insight and vision for those entrusted with the task of informing and educating the populace about Ebola. Also for quick access to those in remote areas.
  • For God’s provision of food and other needs during the shutdown.
  • That shipment of medical supplies will get to the country on time and rapidly distributed to all the affected areas.
  • That the Holy Spirit will take away fear from the hearts of the people and turn their hearts to the Lord
  • That the fire of revival will break forth in the church and that the Holy Spirit will rekindle passion for God and evangelism in the heart of believers.