Paying Tribute to a “Grandmother of Generations”

On Sunday, 21 May 2023, Matola Cidade Church of the Nazarene in Matola, Mozabique, honoured Ana da Conceição Coelho, a woman who has served in the Church of the Nazarene for over 50 years. She has dedicated her life to teaching the Word of God to the children in the church.

Those present at the service shared their gratitude and testimonies of how Avó Ana, as she is affectionately called, impacted their lives by sharing God’s love and his Word with them. Senior pastor, Rev Arsénio Manjate, reiterated the joy that characterised Avó Ana’s life by reading from Philippians 4:4, which states, “Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again: rejoice!”  Rev Manjate went on to say, “Let us all rejoice for Avó Ana’s life and ministry… I am so honoured to be a pastor of this great counsellor, teacher and woman of prayer.”

In her speech for the occasion, Avó Ana reiterated how much she loved working with children and sharing with them God’s plan for their lives, according to God’s Word.

Avó Ana is the very last member of the former European District, which was formed out of necessity due to the segregation laws in both Mozambique and South Africa.

Several generations have benefitted from the work of Avó Ana, and many individuals were called to ministry after sitting in her Sunday School classes as children. There are those in the church today who heard about God’s love for them at Avó Ana’s feet: Rev Vasco Mabote (current DS Matola District) and Dr Fili Chambo (General Superintendent), just to name a few.

The Church of the Nazarene of Matola Cidade wishes to thank Avó Ana da Conceição Coelho for always proclaiming with joy, “To God be the glory!” The District continues to pray for God’s blessings on her life.

Khanimambo, Avó Ana.