NYI hosts spiritual retreats across islands of Cabo Verde

It is a tradition in Cape Verde, since in the 1960s, to hold spiritual retreats during the month of February — Carnival season. The Nazarene Youth International of Santo Antão a Brava gathered, individually and in groups with the purpose of spiritual edification and greater intimacy among their Christian community.

After two years without meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most local NYIs gathered and spent 3 to 4 days away from the cities in order to rest, seek intimacy with God and their fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

The universal purpose for these meetings is the edification of youth through biblical challenges, study of the Word, discussion of everyday issues in light of the Bible and, above all, the strengthening of ties between young people. By being away from the big cities and pagan festivals like Carnival, we are able to show our young people what really matters and what allows them to develop as people and as Christians.

We believe meetings like these will help young people become more united and, consequently, grow together as the Body of Christ.

In the Northern District of Cape Verde, the Nazarene Youth of Santo Antão a Boavista gathered on each island as individuals and together with other youths and sought to build and grow as teams.

In the Southern District of Cape Verde, from the island of Maio to the island of Brava, more than 150 young Nazarenes gathered to seek God’s presence together, without the noise of the cities and Carnival.

Pastors and spiritual leaders were used by God to guide the young people in seeking God with dedication and demonstrate the fruits of a life of intimacy with God, so that more young people can feel inspired to give their lives to Christ.

Santo Antão, Boavista, Maio and Brava are islands of Cape Verde that make up the districts of Cape Verde.