NTC Workday


On Saturday, 18 February, 50 representatives from more than 14 churches across the Gauteng and Western Districts descended upon Nazarene Theological College in Johannesburg, South Africa, to help with clean-up, renovations, and general repairs around the campus. Due to recent financial struggles, the campus has encountered many challenges in maintaining its park-like atmosphere, but with the many hands and strong backs of the volunteers, much was accomplished.

Although ominous clouds were about the entire day, the group managed to repaint the principal’s office and part of another office in the administration block, remove debris and rubble, trim many trees, and mow and rake grass. They were also able to complete some cleaning tasks in the hostels and main buildings, as well as scraping and preparing water-damaged walls in the hostel for painting at the next work day.

NTC Principal, Dr Rhonda Carrim, stated that there will be another work day on 18 March 2023, and they hope to have many more volunteers come along and lend a hand. If there are any churches or districts who are interested in sending a Work and Witness Team to NTC or GNCC (Good News Conference Centre) at any time, please contact Rev Errol Carrim on operations@nazarenecollege.ac.za.