Nazarene Theological College – South Africa is finding its stride with another Veritas Course of Study (V-COS) facilitator training


From 27-31 March 2023, 16 Nazarene pastors gathered at the Good News Conference Centre (GNCC) for Veritas Module 1 facilitator training. Six of the Africa South Field (ASF) districts were presented. This group followed a previous group of 31 pastors in November 2022.

NTC-South Africa has partnered with Veritas College International to provide theological competency-based education to the ASF. The programme entails all four Veritas Foundational Modules, Certificate IV in Biblical Ministry, Diploma in Biblical Ministry and Nazarene Ministerial Courses to fulfil the ARCOSAC* requirements. As NTC-SA is busy rolling out the V-COS programme in the ASF, pastors and educators must be trained as facilitators for all the Veritas Modules.

Rev Richard Ravelomanantsoa of Madagascar reminded the group during Thursday’s devotion that the disciples knew how to fish (Luke 5). They had all the required tools and skills and even were fishing all night, but they did not catch anything. Finally, the Lord Jesus commanded them to lower their nets into the deep. Peter responded, “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing! But at your word, I will lower the nets.” Their simple obedience led to two full boats of fish sinking because of the weight. NTC-SA finds itself in this situation as leaders continue to seek the Lord for guidance and provision; it can be found in simple obedience. NTC-SA knows how to train people and has all the resources, it is simply going to a different place, and God will provide. As NTC steps towards the deep to train students for ministry via competency-based theological education, we are entering new and unknown territory. Still, we are grateful to see the impact of this training on our current facilitators.

The establishment of learning centres in the field allows the church to provide Integrated Leadership Development within the local setting of the student. As training starts with a proper Biblical Interpretation, many aspects of the church are challenged, but by the grace of God, He is the Lord of the church and guides and directs the path forward.

Currently, 57 Module 1 facilitators are trained, with 86 participants in the field. NTC plans to have the first Module 2 facilitator training in May and another Module 1 facilitator training in August. Please contact NTC at for more information.