Mt Kenya District Women’s Conference


After not being able to gather for several years, there was much excitement and joy as the women on the Mt Kenya District gathered for their first conference since the covid-19 pandemic. The District Women’s Ministry organised the conference under the leadership of Mrs. Tabitha Njenjere on 22 April 2023. Approximately 200 women from across 21 local churches came together in Meru for a time of worship and fellowship.

Rev. Grace Ushe was the guest speaker of the event. She was accompanied by her husband Dr. Stanley Ushe (AEF FSC), Rev. Elizabeth Musimbi (AEF NDI), and Rev. Job Odanga (AEF WEB).

The theme of the conference was “becoming a woman of influence in the family, community and church.” The conference was organised with the purpose of creating a space where the women could discover themselves in Christ and learn how to be influential. Rev Grace Ushe shared from the book of Judges 4:1-16, focusing on the story of Deborah taking action when Israel was in trouble. She encouraged the women to follow the example of Deborah in their lives. That is, to be fearless and brave women who can take action to impact their families, communities, and churches.

She also shared the stories of Abigail and Tabitha. The women were left to ponder the following question: “How do you want to be remembered in your family, in your church and in your community?” Through the sermons, the women were taught that they can help bring salvation and peace to their families, communities, and churches. To do this, they need to be courageous enough to take action to bring change in people’s lives.

Reflecting on the event, Rev. Grace Ushe stated, “this was a great day that will be remembered by every woman who attended the conference. We thank God for the pastors who also committed to attending.”

The women who attended the conference testified that they were very impacted by the sermons and hope to meet in the same way annually. There will be more conferences held within zones as well as gatherings in local churches. It is exciting to see how the Holy Spirit will work through the influential women of the Mt. Kenya District!