By Tsakani Chambo


Over the last few months local churches in Mozambique have been celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Church of the Nazarene in the country. This all led up the Centennial Celebration on the 28th and 29th of October 2022. Almost 3000 Nazarenes gathered in Thavane (Machulane) for the joyful celebration!

The first service on 28th was wonderful time of thanksgiving and sharing testimonies. General Superintendent Dr. Filimao Chambo, who is a son of Mozambique, preached a powerful sermon that celebrated God’s faithfulness to the church even through the difficult seasons that the country experienced. After this, the retired ministers shared the history of the different phases of the Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique. The night ended with a concert that lasted until 2AM. It was an evening of singing, dancing, and giving God all the praise that He is due.

The service on the 29th of October began with songs of praise. Dr. Paulo Sueia, one of the key leaders in the early days of the Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique, said an opening prayer where he proclaimed “Ebenezer—Until here, God has helped us!”

There were many leaders present including the Vice Minister of Justice and Religious affairs the Governor of Gaza, and the mayor of Mandlakazi.

Rev. Dany Gomis, Regional Director for Africa, stated “the words that I would use to describe the church in Mozambique are authenticity, passion, commitment, and sacrifice. The church in Mozambique is relevant. It is a church that is for every person.” He then encouraged the church by reminding them that the 100-year milestone was only the beginning and “the best is yet to come!”

Dr. Filimao Chambo gave another greeting where he reminded the congregation of a way that his grandmother started all her prayers by saying “welcome, welcome to the gospel.” He then led a beautiful moment where he called out “welcome welcome to the gospel!” and the congregation responded “it shines, it shines in Mozambique”

The pinnacle of the event was the time set aside in the service for General Superintendent, Dr. Eugenio Duarte to ordain 17 ministers from 7 districts across Mozambique. From the testimonies of the retired ministers to the ordination of the next generation, it is clear that the church of the Nazarene Mozambique has a rich history and a bright future! The best is truly yet to come and the gospel will continue to shine in Mozambique!

“The Centennial Celebration was such a big event that it was broadcasted on National Television (TVM). Click here to watch the newsclip