Missionary Gathering at General Assembly: Nurturing Those Who Nourish

By Thaís Sitoe

When we prepare a delicious meal for our family, we don’t just set the table and sit together to enjoy it, but we also create a moment that goes beyond mere physical nourishment. It encompasses family communion, strengthening our emotional bonds, creating lasting memories, and caring for both body and soul.

Christian leaders, in our case missionaries, are the ones who set the table to present Christ to the world, knowing Him and making Him known. However, due to work fatigue, the demands, and pressures of the mission field, and even a certain neglect of our well-being, we commonly serve meals to others while neglecting our own nourishment.

This is why moments like the one we had from June 5-7th at the Missionary Gathering at General Assembly are so special. During the gathering, we were served the Lord’s feast and reminded that we are also called to partake in it. We were encouraged to hear about the Lord’s work in the lives of our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world. We were uplifted through powerful teachings, comforted during joint prayer times, and uplifted through conversations shared around the table.

We thank God that the love of the Nazarene people for missions is translated into the care that the denomination provides for the missionaries and their families. Our children feel part of the mission as they are seen and acknowledged by the church. They had the opportunity to socialize with other children who face similar challenges, exchange tips, share difficulties, and learn from one another.

As the program came to an end, we bid farewell with a sense of longing for the dear friends we met there. However, our exchange went far beyond missionary cards, emails, and social media contacts. We shared dedicated prayer time and reaffirmed our commitment to continue walking together with the Lord and with one another. We remain united with brothers and sisters from many countries, working collaboratively for the advancement of the Kingdom of God until He returns.