It was a different Christmas in Guinea Bissau!

51 young people baptized for the glory and honour of God

Canhabaque, also called Isla de Roxa, is part of the Bijagos Archipelago in Guinea Bissau, on the west coast of Africa and perhaps the most traditional. The one that resisted the Portuguese settlers the longest and has most firmly preserved their customs. The Bijagos ethnic group still maintains the matrilineal tradition; they have queens and councils of women and priestesses.

On this Island, the Church of the Nazarene has three congregations; one in the central part of the Island in the village of Indena Grande and two congregations in Inorei and Anghaura, led by Pastor Antonio Iaia Brandão and his team of leaders.

From December 24 to 26, 2021, the Church of the Nazarene celebrated Christmas with more than 100 young people from the three congregations to proclaim the birth of Jesus and create a space to strengthen the ties of friendship among the youth.

We say a different Christmas because 51 young Bijagos received Jesus Christ as their Savior; they were baptized as a public witness to their commitment to a new life in Christ. We also thank God for the progress in constructing the temple in Indena Grande. Please pray with and for the leadership team for the completion of this project.

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