The process of electing a District Superintendent is very important in the life of the Church of the Nazarene. Over the past month the Southeast Field, which includes Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia, went through the election process. Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Paul Mtambo presided over all the district assemblies on behalf of the General Superintendents.

These were the results of the elections:

  • Rev Neld Nkunika: Reelected for the Zambia South District
  • Rev Yamba Yamba: Reelected Zambia Copperbelt District
  • Rev J Kamusakreelected: Reelected Zambia Northwest District
  • Rev Margaret Sibanda: Elected for the Zimbabwe Midlands District
  • Rev Hofisi Mutatu: Elected for the Zimbabwe East District
  • Rev Gershon Kwerakwera: Reelected for the Malawi Lowershire District
  • Rev Nixon Nzunga: Reelected for the Malawi Central District
  • Rev Chinula: Reelected for the Malawi North District
  • Rev Wantwa Kaponda: Reelected for the Malawi Lakeshore District
  • Rev Emmanuel Themuka: Elected for the Malawi South District

The leadership on the field has been experiencing a time of transformation through many different seminars and training sessions. The addition of new DSs bring fresh perspective to the table. The field will continue to experience God’s faithfulness to the church as He guides the leadership team!