Child Development Training in Malawi

Recently, in Lilongwe, representatives from the 4 districts of Malawi, including Child Development Coordinators, some DS’s and other stakeholders closely involved with NCM and Child Development, came together for a two-day training session. This gathering aimed to empower leaders by covering topics such as the holistic child development framework, child protection, NCM Child Sponsorship and mentoring. Additionally, the event included site visits to monitor various projects across Malawi that enable local churches to engage with hundreds of children weekly.

The leaders were invited to enhance their ministry involvement, focusing on the spiritual, physical, intellectual and social development of children. The Child Development Centres (CDC) play a vital role in achieving this objective. For instance, the Goshen CDC initiated a chicken project to sustain their activities, while the Kabudula CDC started a farming project to produce and support the CDC. Moreover, the Peniel and Nathenje CDCs cater to over 200 children each week, and the Mponela CDC launched a mealie meal grinding project that benefits the community and shares the Gospel with over 150 children weekly.

Through the Child Development Ministry, the church positively impacts children and families in various communities, fostering both church growth and community outreach. With the global church’s support, financial needs are met, and resources are provided to address the children’s requirements throughout Malawi.