October is breast cancer awareness month. A time that seeks to promote prevention and awareness about the early diagnosis of breast and liver cancer. There are a number of statements used in cancer awareness month but the most commonly used one in this year is “early detection saves lives”.  

Some of our churches took it upon themselves to take this awareness to the pulpit. The church can play a role in ensuring that people are aware and able to receive help. As the church, we believe that God can use medical science for healing; therefore, we can be involved effectively in educating our members and community.

One of our doctors in the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Nyaradzo Mugodi, has been involved in educating pastors and church members about these diseases. She hosted a livestreaming event to educate pastors on the Covid pandemic at a time when many people needed to rely medical experts for trustworthy information. Though Dr. Nyaradzo Mugodi has not been trained theologically in seminaries, she has been a “Medical Pastor” to the church and such place in the church is critical. The church should make use of its members who are trained in the medical field and are able to educate the rest of the congregation.