The newly formed (2021) Port Harcourt District of southern Nigeria has identified Bonny Island, an island off the coast of Nigeria, as a target location to begin to grow the Church of the Nazarene. Using a church that has been in existence there since 2006 as their launchpad, along with its dedicated pastor and congregation, the District Superintendent, Rev Obinna Robinson, stated that the first priority was evangelism and church planting in this area. To put feet to this priority, the district formed a 3-member District Evangelism and Church Planting Movement Team to Bonny Island for a four-day evangelism outreach.

Only accessible by boat, Bonny Island proved to be a challenge to get to, but the team was resolute in their determination and put their fears behind them. Along with Jesus Film equipment and the help of the dedicated pastor, Usen Ezekiel Thompson and his wife, Princess, the team was able to witness how many people dropped what they were doing to come and watch the film. The local church was revived and encouraged to keep working hard as many new connections were made, people testifying, and capping off the four days with a wonderful Sunday service with the entire Bonny Island congregation.

This Jesus Film evangelism team is also determined to return to Bonny Island to help them in the expansion of the church in this location. Please pray with us for the work of the church of the Nazarene in all of Nigeria.