Bicycles for Guinea Bissau

In the West African country of Guinea Bissau, a Portuguese-speaking country, the Church of the Nazarene has two primary schools in the interior of the country named “Centro Educacional do Nazareno”. These two schools educate more than 400 students, with 40 of those learners sponsored through Compassionate Ministry’s Child Sponsorship programme.

These schools have just started graduating students from grade 6. If a student wishes to advance their education beyond primary school, they must travel 19 to 28 km on foot, each way, to reach the nearest secondary schools. The principal, in collaboration with the missionaries serving in Guinea Bissau, has decided to reward the best students each year by giving them a bicycle so they are able to go to these schools and continue their education. We want to congratulate the top 4 students from these schools for their hard work and dedication!