Africa South Field Women’s Extravaganza

By Rev Irene Mpangana and Mrs Naila Kanenungo


The month of August is Women’s Month in the country of South Africa, and the women in the Church of the Nazarene on the Africa South Field have always used this month to celebrate this. From 4-6 August 2023 at Nazarene Theological College in Muldersdrift, South Africa, just outside of Johannesburg, 1628 women gathered from the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini and Mozambique to experience fellowship, building relationships with other Nazarene women, uplifting each other, renewal, empowerment and times of refreshing,

With the timely theme of “Revive Us Again,” chosen specifically because the conference had been interrupted for three years due to the global pandemic, these ladies were asking the Lord to bring them back together and to also bring them back to Him. With the closing of churches and the cancellation of gatherings such as this, there was a need for the women to return to the Lord and to experience revival in their hearts.

As the weekend unfolded, the theme was carried throughout in the preaching, teaching, singing, dancing and as the women mingled with one another. There were bright smiles on the faces of the women that matched their colourful outfits from their respective districts.

The planning committee were encouraged by seeing so many women coming from all over Southern Africa for a time of renewal and fellowship. The women are ready to go back to their districts with the fire they received at the conference and to go ignite the same fire on their local districts. The women are strengthened and encouraged as they know they are part of a bigger family and a much bigger church.

The mission of the Women’s Extravaganza is to strengthen female relationships for effective Kingdom building. It also strives to empower women to assume and uphold their Christian responsibilities to God and man. They also desire to offer Bible-based teaching and encourage women to respond positively to modern challenges facing the church, such as sin, disease, poverty, violence, abuse, divorce, bereavement, cultural practices and mental-health issues. Finally, the Women’s Extravaganza strives to transform women through a paradigm shift from the “dependency syndrome” into a vibrant DIY—do it yourself—attitude in order to be proud of their own church.