Africa South Field—Bridging the Gap


From 12-15 May 2022, the Good News Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, was a buzz with 160 leaders from 23 districts on the Africa South Field who came to participate in the Africa South Field Leadership Conference. This was the first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020.

Using the theme, “Bridging the Gap,” Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev Solomon Ndlovu, opened the conference with a challenging and visionary message encouraging our district leaders to bridge the gap in their districts and recognize what is not working and help to fix it. Rev Ndlovu envisions district growth and development, an increase in WEF giving, and an increase in lifelong learning for our pastors and leaders, among many other things.

Furthermore, Rev Admirado Chaguala (Regional Administrator) and Rev Collin Elliott (Former South Field Director) spoke about district development. The leaders were also encouraged to value statistics and be vigilant in collecting and submitting those statistics.

A challenge was also given to the general leadership present by Professor M Kanjere from the University of Limpopo. She challenged the participants to professionalism even in ministry. This challenge was heard and accepted by those present.

Workshops and breakout sessions were led by the Field Ministry Coordinators and Regional Service Coordinators. These were used for training and to pave the way forward for these ministries to thrive. These were also used to create a team mentality and to work on a strategy for the auxiliaries to flourish.

Some of the highlights of the conference was an initiative led by Rev Ezekiel Mnisi, Field NCM Coordinator, who asked all of the districts to bring blankets to donate toward the KZN flood relief. There were roughly 200 blankets donated by the various districts. These blankets were gladly accepted by a teary-eyed Mrs. Janet Harris, the long-time district secretary of the RSA KwaZulu Natal District. Additionally, an offering was taken up for NTC and another offering for the work in Madagascar. Collectively, these offerings raised over R50,000 for the work of the church.

The conference was closed by a dynamic and powerful message by Rev Ndlovu. He challenged districts to be more proactive in bringing about the necessary changes to facilitate growth numerically and spiritually.


Written by Mrs. Shelly Miller