Africa NDI Regional Team Meeting


From 9-13 March 2023, the coordinators of Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) on the Africa Region met in Nairobi, Kenya. Joining the NDI coordinators were the Children’s Ministry Facilitator and the Africa Regional Literature Development Facilitator.

Dr Gift Mtukwa was the main speaker, and his focus was on Philippians 1:5-9 and Acts 20:18-21. He challenged the team on the responsibilities of the church and the principles of the Gospel, emphasising the church’s need to love and care for people while proclaiming the Gospel as commanded by Christ. The NDI team were challenged to be the visionaries who take their responsibility as disciples of Christ seriously.

Throughout the NDI meetings, the field coordinators presented their field reports. The most notable activity taking place on the Region is the implementation of the Journey of Grace framework at the district and local church levels. The team also finalised the NDI Handbook for Africa which will be made available in the present year.

During this time, the Regional NDI Forums were scheduled to take place on Zoom, with participation from all over the Region. Dr Scott Rainey, NDI Global Director, and Dr Daniel Gomis, Africa Regional Director, were invited to be part of the event as guest speakers.

Another important event was the election of Rev. Susan Booth, Africa South Field NDI Coordinator, as the NDI candidate for the Africa Region. She will run with five other candidates from each region in June for the election by the NDI Global Council to serve on the General Board as the NDI representative.

As the meetings came to an end, Celeste Chaguala, NDI Regional Coordinator, commended the teamwork and all the efforts being done to make resources available. She also encouraged the team to continuously support the local churches in the mission of making Christ-like disciples.

Truly, “Tuko Pamoja” (we are together).