We are made for community and yet with the Corona virus changing our situations, many of us have found ourselves in a new reality – at home, unable to go out to work, and unable to meet with friends, colleagues and family.  The same is true for most of the missionaries on the Africa Region.

“Social distancing” has become the new norm.  So, how do we meet  that need to connect when we can’t be together?  We get creative and meet in new ways.  On the 16th of April, we had a Zoom video meeting with the Missionaries on the Africa Region. It was so wonderful to be able to see the faces of missionaries from all over the continent, as well as some who are on home assignment on other continents.  Our Regional Director, Dr. Daniel A.K.L Gomis, reflected on a story of hope during the Ebola crisis in 2014-2016 and spent some time talking through some issues surrounding our new reality.  We were also joined by our Global Personnel Director, Marty Hoskin, who encouraged us to redeem the time todo things you wouldn’t normally do because of our busy schedule, and answered some questions raised by our missionaries.

“These are the days my brothers and sister to pray to be wise as a serpent, so that we can speak the word in season. A word that will bring the transformation in our nations”

D.A.K.L. Gomis
Africa Regional Director

The time shared was a great reminder that WE ARE TOGETHER (TUKO PAMOJA)!  Even though we are all over the world and actively practicing social distancing, we are together in spirit, in unity and in peace as we continue to serve where the Lord has placed us.  

We have already received feedback from some of our missionaries who “met” others for the first time or who were able to connect after feeling isolated.  One family noted that “we have been so encouraged!”  Some of the goals in the meeting were to communicate information and answer questions, but the main goal was to encourage one another and just be together and be in community.   We are so thankful that we had 36 connections at one time. 

What a privilege to serve with my fellow missionaries across the world!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we look at new ways to serve the Lord and our neighbors and communities during these days.

by Africa Region Personnel Director