A Century of Knowing Christ and Following in His Footsteps!


In a jubilant crescendo of a century’s worth of dedication to youth empowerment and community building, NYI recently celebrated its monumental 100th anniversary. This milestone was not just a local affair; it reverberated across the globe, bringing together vibrant communities all around Africa to celebrate years of discipleship, worship, evangelism, and Christian service.

Celebrations began with activities from the African Central Field, African Lusophone Field, Africa Southeast Field, and Africa East Field leading the charge. Each field embarked on a series of captivating challenges, infusing a spirited competitive edge into the festivities.

The challenges, as diverse as the communities themselves, spanned a range of activities, including eco-friendly initiatives in honour of the Global Climate Week that was also happening. From the Tree Planting Challenge, where Eswatini Central District planted five symbolic trees in honour of NYI’s centenary, to the “Why I Love NYI” Video Challenge, which allowed members to articulate their heartfelt appreciation for the movement, each challenge showcased the dedication and creativity of NYI’s youth.

Not to be outdone, Cabo Verde (Africa Lusophone Field) embraced their challenge with enthusiasm, tending to their church’s garden and expanding their green footprint by planting new trees. Meanwhile, the Africa Southeast Field (ASEF) took to the fields of Zambia, planting trees that will stand as a testament to NYI’s legacy of environmental stewardship.

One of the most awe-inspiring challenges was the 100-kilometre walk challenge, a testament to the endurance and unity of NYI’s members. Participants traversed the distance, symbolizing the organization’s journey through a century of impactful service.

But the celebrations didn’t stop there. The University Church of the Nazarene paid homage to NYI’s storied history with a nod to yesteryears, donning old-school attire and infusing the atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia.

As the festivities continue to unfold, NYI eagerly anticipates the positive impact the next century will bring. With a rich history of discipleship, the future is as bright and promising as the past.

Here’s to another century of growth, inspiration, and community building. Happy 100th, NYI!