Transformation of urban communities through Christ-like disciples engaging their communities in order to facilitate hope in the heart of the cities of Africa.


The transformation of urban communities will be realised by:

  • Engaging people to use their talents/skills to help others
  • Mobilising people of all ages to impact urban areas, inner cities, and universities throughout Africa
  • Organising critical engagement with city leaders and organisations for true urban transformation at all levels
  • Showing the love of God to those without hope in the cities

In May 2019, the Africa Region hosted it’s first-ever Urban Forum in Centurion, South Africa. Key speakers at the forum were, Prof. Stephan de Beer (Director: Centre for Contextual Ministry at UP), Dr. Ron Benefiel (Lead Consultant at PLNU Center for Pastoral Leadsership), Dr. Daniel Gomis (Africa Regional Director: Church of the Nazarene), Dr. Jolly Beyioku (President: HomeFront Developments; Adjunct Professor of Business Economics at IWU), Prof. Winnie Nhlengetwa (1st Vice Chancellor of Southern Africa Nazarene University), amongst others.

*Tune in on some of the workshops, conference discussions and service




Dr. Daniel Gomis : God’s Call to the Cities of Africa.pptx

Dr. Ron Benefiel : Ministries of Compassion and Mercy in the Wesleyan Tradition.docx

Dr. Jolly A. Beyioku : Urbanization and the Call to Ministry.ppt

Selena Headley : Towards Fullness of Being, Purpose and Relationships.pptx | Rebuilding people’s urgency: Overcoming the scarcity mindset.pdf

Prof. Stephan de Beer : How to do an exegesis of the City Plenary Presentation.pptx | How to do an exegesis of the City Workshop Presentation.pptx

Dawie De Koker : Conversations on how to establish Ministry stability in the urban setting.pptx

Extra Resource : Introduction to the major cities in Africa.pptx

Extra Resource : Lifelong Learning.pptx

Extra Resource : Mission of Mercy in the Church of the Nazarene.docx