Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM)

Coordinator – Rev. Cosmos Mutowa


The NCM ministry is the humanitarian arm of the church and concerns itself with serving a social services function in the Africa region. We seek to faithfully live up to the teachings of Jesus in a direct and tangible way, by working towards achieving social transformation and healing on the continent. The ministry equips local churches with resources for outreach so that they can meet the needs of their respective communities.

NCM’s initiatives and projects are ongoing, as the ministry is a responsive one. “We don’t initiate programmes, we respond to needs”, says NCM ministry coordinator, Rev. Cosmos Mutowa. This means that NCM responds to specific needs in specific communities as they arise. The ministry’s role is that of equipping communities to solve existing societal issues in practical and sustainable ways.

The NCM ministry’s efforts are focused on five key areas, namely: water and sanitation, child development and childcare, food security, HIV/AIDS awareness, and human trafficking. One example of the far-reaching benefits of some of NCM’s social projects is that of the provision of wells in communities that do not have water. The projects have positive ripple effects such as allowing for girl children to go to school instead of being confined to their homes by the responsibility of fetching water from rivers.

NCM will host a conference in Nairobi, Kenya from 24 to 28 April 2017, under the theme: “Compassion and the Church”.

The ministry considers itself an extension of Christ’s arms and legs in the quest to better the lives of all. This is reflected in the motto, “Building bridges for spiritual and social transformation”. This speaks to the ministry’s function as an extension of Christ’s work. NCM’s purpose is to identify practical ways of touching and changing the lives of ordinary people beyond preaching.


Have a look at some of the projects we are working on:

Africa Disaster Relief

Africa Hunger Relief Project

AIDS Orphans and Caregivers Support

Fighting Hunger With Sustainable Agriculture in Liberia

Kenya Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Madagascar Street Kids Center

Malaria Net & Education Project in Mozambique

Malaria Prevention in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone

Tailoring Training in New Kru Town Liberia

The WASH Project (Sierra Leone and Liberia)

Women for Africa Project

Zinkemzougou Clinic


Banana Farming in Rwanda