Coordinator – Stephen Phillips


NMI is the “mission” arm of the Church. This means that the NMI ministry is tasked with enabling people to reach out to those who do not know Christ. The ministry’s key role is that of mobilizing the local church in Africa through prayer, educating, discipleship and giving.

NMI aims to effect transformation by mobilizing the Church in Africa to be actively involved in the Great Commission. Where the continent has predominantly been on the receiving end of aid through mission work, NMI wishes to see the Africa region begin to grow into a space that supports missions and takes charge of enacting God’s mission on the continent. The Church of the Nazarene in Africa holds the bulk of the denomination’s membership, which makes it well-placed for multiplying the reach of mission work globally.

Included in NMI’s recurring initiatives are two offertory collections: one for the World Evangelism Fund during Easter, and another called the Alabaster Offering. The World Evangelism Fund is a collection of global funds committed to reaching out to people who do not know Christ; they support missionaries and mission-funded work all over the world. The Alabaster Offering, on the other hand provides needed funds for property and buildings around the world.

Each year, NMI hosts the Nazarene World Week of Prayer (NWWP) where praises and requests are collected from each region and shared electronically with the global church in multiple languages. In 2017, the programme took place from 26 February to 4 March. The ministry also has prayer focuses, such as the persecuted church. 

From 30 July to 8 August 2017, NMI will hold a 10-day intensive missions training event in Malawi. The event is called “Mission Immersion” and is for young adults who sense God leading them to serve in cross-cultural ministry.

NMI also periodically hosts Nazarene Mission Orientation sessions and offers deputation services, both of which serve to inform, encourage and guide mission involvement at local church level.

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