DSG Training Resources

Please follow the link below to find resources in many languages. S'il vous plaît suivez le lien ci-dessous pour trouver des ressources dans de nombreuses langues. Por favor, siga o…

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CareRing Podcasts

  CARERING PODCASTS   In these podcasts, the importance of authenticity, interdependence, presence and relevance within a relationship is discussed in detail. Take some time to listen to these podcasts…

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CareRing Training Workbook

CareRing Training Workbook ...there are four fundamental strategies used to bring people together and help them bond with one another in small groups. Let’s look at each of these four…

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CareRing Weekly Lessons

Welcome to CareRing Guidelines! ...We see true-to-life examples of people in the Bible who lived by faith. In fact, the “Who’s Who” of faith is in Hebrews 11. These are the…

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CareRing Weekly Lessons for Participants

Welcome to CareRing Guidelines! ...That’s not a fun word—“discipline.” Sounds stern and demanding, doesn’t it? But we will never be the disciples God wants us to be without discipline. “Discipline”…

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CareRing Weekly Lessons for Leaders

Welcome to CareRing Guidelines! Here you will find dozens of effective time-tested and practical lessons for your small group. The Guidelines are designed to be used easily with minimum preparation.…

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