LINKS is a network of personal connections between missionaries and Nazarene districts around the world.

Participating missionaries are assigned to districts and then, on the district level, connected to local churches. This gives each church an opportunity to become personally acquainted with a missionary family and their field of service. A LINKS relationship fosters a sense of involvement with the global missions enterprise of the church through regular correspondence from the missionaries, updates from their field, and even through deputation services while the missionaries are on home assignment. 

LINKS is all about fostering relationships between missionaries and the districts. It is important to establish a relationship between the two because if there is a good relationship between the district and the missionary, it will help the district at large to be more effective in missions.


Districts, churches, and individuals may show love and support for a LINKS assigned missionary by giving monetary gifts, if they so choose. If monetary gifts are given, they should be processed through the district or region.

It is anticipated that each LINKS participant will:

  • Pray for one another
  • Communicate on a regular basis
  • Remember special days (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc..)
  • Invite one another to speak at a local or district event either in person or video.

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How can the African church join LINKS?

There is nothing more difficult than being in a place that is not your home and feeling alone. It is our responsibility as the church to ensure that all missionaries are being taken care of and that we consistently provide them with the necessary support they need on this journey. The outcome or result of a LINKS relationship is that the local church will be able to be a part of the global missions work.

As the African church, we need to become more intentional in our LINKS relationships. This is the opportunity for the local church to be a part of a greater work that is taking place. It is a privilege to join our brothers and sisters all over the world and partner with God in the act of reconciliation because indeed we are stronger together.