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Evangelism and Church Development

Across the region in more than 32 countries, over 330 Jesus Film teams minister every month to bring the message of salvation to the lost. From the blistering heat of the Sahel desert, to the humid rain forests of the DRC Congo, and to the modern suburbs of African urban cities, we find that Jesus speaking in the many local languages of Africa and telling the story of love and hope to the lost can make an impact!  Our goal is transformed lives!

Our goal is not just to show the Jesus Film.  We diligently find relevance in our approach to the communities we serve.  Many areas do not have materials written in the local languages of each diverse country and culture.  Our goal is to use orality methods that will help to communicate the gospel effectively to the new spiritual life of new believers.

The presence of faithful believers in every community is what will transform our society.

Pray for the evangelism efforts of every Nazarene church in Africa!    When we live out our lives in authentic service to the Lord and have a passion for the lost God will use us to build His kingdom.  The most important tool for evangelism is you!


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May 22, 2018

Orality is our Reality

–Tim Eby and Ray Neu It’s morning in the middle of the week in the middle of the village. ‘Everyone’ comes to the market today to get what they need...

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