Indian Ocean Field



Field Strategy Coordinator – Rev. Collin Elliott

While, in total, there are six countries located just off the southern coast of the African continent (in the Indian Ocean), the Church of the Nazarene has been established within the borders of two countries; namely, Madagascar and Reunion Island. The Indian Ocean Field is a new branch of the Church in the Africa region.

The field seeks to make Christ-like disciples who in turn will make more Christ-like disciples, who will then transform their societies. This transformation is to be achieved through: leadership development; local churches taking the lead in evangelism and discipleship; and Street Kids Ministry.

The majority of the Indian Ocean Field’s work is taking place in Madagascar, as it is the country where the church has been active for the longest time. The Church has been well established in the major urban areas of Madagascar. It is from these cities that the Church plans to expand into the rural areas of the country.

The Indian Ocean Field would like to create an environment in which people hear the call of God to go to unreached areas with the gospel.