Evangelism and Church Development

Coordinator – Rev. Tim Eby

Across the region in more than 32 countries, over 300 Jesus Film teams minister every month to bring the message of salvation to the lost.  This represents an interdependent connection between donors around the world, Jesus Film Harvest Partners who helps equip and support teams, and the hundreds of volunteer leaders and lay persons that take the good news to every corner of Africa.  From the blistering heat of the Sahel desert, to the humid rain forests of the DRC Congo, and to the modern suburbs of African urban settings, we find that Jesus speaking in the many local languages of Africa and telling the story of love and hope to the lost can make an impact!

This ministry focuses on planting churches.  From the district annual plans, teams are organized and connected to mother churches with the brave goal of planting a new church every month in some new community.  Teams are encouraged to plan and connect with local leaders in the area they are ministering in.  Once we have a person of peace that opens the door to our teams, then we begin planning an event to invite neighbors and friends so that they might see Jesus right in their community.  The powerful film and diligent follow up and discipleship can lead to a new church plant in a new community.  The most effective form of evangelism today is planting new churches.

Our goal is not just to show the Jesus Film.  We diligently find relevance in our approach to the communities we serve.  Many areas do not have materials written in the local languages of each diverse country and culture.  Our goal is to use audio bibles and recorded bible stories that will help to communicate the gospel further and give depth to the new spiritual life of believers.  Sometimes we use bible story scarfs to help people remember the stories and share them with their friends and neighbours.  Women and youth have been empowered to fulfil the great commission to go and make disciples.  We see them bravely teaching others the bible and digging deep into the stories to reveal spiritual truths that impacts peoples lives.  We regularly train both clergy and laity the principles of church planting through materials developed by DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International).  We also partner with Spoken Worldwide in order to develop orality champions and train people how to effectively tell Bible stories in local languages so they can be effective disciples.

The presence of faithful believers in every community is what will transform our society.  In places like Benin, the work of the evangelism built through the Jesus Film ministries in Africa has impacted the country in every province.  The Nazarenes there, have not only shared their belief in Christ, but they are entering into the areas of education, transforming communities through bringing fresh water to villages, they have supported and placed members into government offices, offered programs to radio stations, recorded stories that are played in MP3 players in the homes of community leaders who are daily discipling others, and attempting to transform every aspect of life in their communities.  This is the presence of Christ transforming communities with an intent to transform the whole country.

Pray for the evangelism efforts of every Nazarene church in Africa!  We have a goal together to reach one million members by the year 2020.  This vision will be reached when we live out our lives in authentic service to the Lord and have a passion for the lost.  The most important tool for evangelism is you!  God can use you to build the kingdom of God in Africa.  Are you ready to serve him faithfully?  Then live out the call for missions in your community.  Begin in your own Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth.  

Together we will win the world for Christ!