East Field

Field Strategic Coordinator – Rev. Don Gardner

The East Field’s history contains stories of horrible events caused by tribal and religious divisions, droughts and famine. Spiritual blindness and deep scars of distrust and fear impact the Church and its work in the area. Yet, the people of East Africa are warriors and survivors who are experiencing healing and growth provided by God over time. The field operates by the motto: “Intentional discipleship at all levels”.

Evangelism training has been put in place in the East Field, with five main thrusts:

  • Thrust to reach gospel resistant areas.
  • Training in open evangelism, both personal and corporate.
  • Further training is being planned for incorporating discipleship principles in the early stages of evangelism (e.g., building relationships). Dr. David Slamp has led several training sessions across the AEF. Discipleship and formational systems are being put in place to help provide accountability in discipleship. Including the three areas of importance mentioned above. Forms of Wesley’s Class-type accountability systems in place.
  • Urban ministries are developing in most of our major cities. We have some extent of work in every major city in AEF. Some cities we only have a few members, but we have a start for a seed-church.

Evangelism is becoming more effective since we started promoting intentional discipleship at all levels.

Nazarene Essentials has been translated into most major languages in the field and is being taught as a system for understanding our Nazarene DNA. It is set to become a major player in the Church’s discipling systems.

Holiness Revivalism is becoming part of the fabric of the cultural DNA of the Church in the East Field. Holiness summits, conferences, and revivals are mushrooming all over the field, as part of who we are.

The East Field is beginning to see healing in many areas, as well as amazing spiritual growth and spiritual formation throughout the church.

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