It was during the fierce civil war in Liberia that Pastor Alphonso had to take his wife and his children and flee for safety to the neighboring country of Ivory Coast. Finding other Nazarene refugees, he soon started a church and led many other refugees to Christ. Some of them became key leaders in the church and there are many congregations today because of Pastor Alphonso’s sacrificial ministry. What nobody knew was… Pastor Alphonso had diabetes. During the war and his time as a refugee, he would often go without insulin, as he had to make a choice between buying food for his family or the medication. Eventually he died, but not before starting another church.

Recently a storm in Zambia caused a church roof to collapse, severely injuring a pastor’s young son. Thanks to our Pastors Health Fund we were able to bring this child to South Africa for medical treatment of the injuries and save his life.

We see countless pastors give their lives to the church, sacrificing even their health. We weep for those serving the church who lack medication and emergency treatment. They are on their knees praying for help as their congregations are not able to. We want to permanently establish an amount of $50,000 USD in our Pastor’s Health Fund, and, with your help and efforts, African pastors can live longer, better and dedicated lives.