According to UNICEF, in 2012, there were 1 million children in Kenya alone who had lost one or both parents due to AIDS. Some estimate that number will jump to 2 million by 2015. Communities in Kenya have had to figure out how to support these children when many people there already live without access to enough resources to support themselves, especially in rural areas.


Since 2004, NCM in Kenya has been working in five Kenyan districts (Siaya, Kisumu, Nyando, Migori, and Homa Bay) to provide essential services, such as food and nutrition, shelter, physical protection, health care, psychosocial support, education and vocational training, and economic opportunity, to children who have been orphaned and who are vulnerable. Through NCM’s partnership with 143 local congregations, these services have reached over 10,000 children.

NCM has provided trainings and education for the community in the areas of HIV and AIDS awareness, legal issues for orphaned children, nutrition, psychosocial support, business, agriculture, and volunteerism. The program has also supported income-generating projects for children and their caregivers to help them be able to take care of themselves on their own.


By giving to the Kenya Orphans and Vulnerable Children project, you will help continue already existing efforts to support children who are orphaned and their caregivers who offer them a second chance at life. You will add to local resources and initiative to build strong communities who care for the most vulnerable among them. You will also support efforts to expand the income generating projects program to more women and older orphaned children (age 15-17). Through NCM’s vocational training, they will become mechanics, welders, dressmakers, carpenters, animal farmers, and horticulturalists.