The camel herding communities in the Horn of Africa are among the least reached people in Africa. These nomadic herders move from country to country in search of pasture for their camels. We plan to train and equip an evangelistic team to travel within a specific camel herding community. The training of our evangelists has already begun! These evangelists from nomadic backgrounds are willing to return to their nomadic roots to share the Gospel with these unreached people.

To do so, they must be equipped with six camels (one he-camel and five she-camels). This will enable the evangelists to enter a nomadic community legitimately and in a self-sustaining manner. The team will travel with the camel herding community and evangelize and disciple the camel herders as they travel throughout the Horn of Africa. By living in community together, the evangelists will be able adequately to witness and disciple those who accept the Gospel.

We believe that God wants these least reached people to hear the Gospel in their own context so that they can fully understand and accept the Gospel. When you invest by giving to this project, you are helping disciples to go where the church is not yet so that unreached people groups might hear the Gospel preached from within their own context.