Millions of African people are still deprived of the privilege of having access to water in their immediate environment. This lack forces millions of people, mostly women and children, to undertake a journey of several miles, sometimes twice a day, to the river or ground water hole. Often, they find that the water there is dirty, potentially bearing disease, parasites, and mosquitoes that carry malaria. Then, they start the hours long journey back home—where they are exposed to danger and abuse—with an average of 40 pounds of water on their heads.

Water is essential to basic living, hygiene, food security, and health. A water well in a village is a blessing like dew in the morning, like rain in the desert, like a cool refreshment for a thirsty tongue. It provides essential drinking water and hygiene, prevents sickness,and is the basis for successful farming and food security, especially during times of little rain. A well in a village can help keep women and children from having to walk long distances and carry heavy weights every day.

With your investment of US $8,000, NCM can build a hand-pump well for a village. We try to place wells in areas where the water can be used to support other ministries such as child development centers, clinics, or community gardens. Each well makes a deep impact in the surrounding communities and uplifts an entire area.


Each year, NCM tries to build at least 10 new wells across the African continent. Join with us in reaching this US $80,000 goal!

* Give $25, $50, or $100 toward this year’s water wells.

* Partner with your church to raise $8,000 and sponsor a well as a congregation.

* Donate $8,000 to sponsor a well as a family.