Coordinator – Rev. Tim Eby


One of the most used tools for evangelism in the Church of the Nazarene is the Jesus Film ministry. Jesus Film offers a way for people to engage the Word of God through material that they can hear and see. The ministry also plays a role in ensuring that the Church reaches people-groups in the Africa region that would otherwise remain unreached.

Ministry coordinator, Rev. Tim Eby, says, “What Jesus Film offers the Church today is a way to share the testimony of Christ in the heart language of many people across Africa”. Key aspects of the ministry’s transformation agenda include: planting of churches and transforming communities in places where the Gospel has not reached; as well as revitalizing places that need a new sense of God’s purpose for their lives. Jesus Film, at its very essence, enables transformation for the sake of Christ.

Jesus Film has had a great impact in the West African country of Benin, with 32 teams stationed in the country and a presence in every single province. The ministry has also enabled the planting of 15 churches in the unchartered territory of The Collines, located in the centre of Benin.

The ministry’s work has been very effective in rural areas, where levels of Western language literacy are low. However, the use of Jesus Film material is tailored depending on whether evangelism is taking place in rural, semi-urban or urban settings.

The Jesus Film ministry is hoping to help open up the unreached Western region of Angola over the next three years. The ministry will be sending resources to train new leaders in the area, working together with “Jesus Film Harvest” partners.

Jesus Film will play a critical role in achieving the Church of the Nazarene’s 2020 Vision.