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South Africa's Church Centennial Celebration

What a century it has been! The Church of the Nazarene in South Africa held the centennial celebration to mark the hundred years of the church. The event took place…

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The Sacrifice of Going

"I think this is how the disciples felt when Jesus said, ‘Go in my name," PASTOR EUNICE SEDITH Pastor Eunice is the pastor of the Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene…

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Botswana Easter Conference

On Thursday evening, the Church of the Nazarene Botswana hosted their annual Easter conference. All churches (Gaborone North, Gaborone South, Bokaa, Kopong, Lobatse, Moshupa, Otse, Lothlakane East, Lothlakane West, Pitsane,…

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Tribute to Dr Samuel Hynd, Swaziland

The popular doctor, Dr. Samuel Hynd, who oversaw the birth of King Mswati III of Swaziland, died peacefully while at his home in Swaziland, in the morning hours of Thursday,…

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